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“Heroes do not need special powers. Just use the power you have to create good things for others. You can also be a hero. ” 

Hero Leeds, we define ourselves as an online marketing hero because we have “information” and “technology” that is like “special power” helping businesses overcome business obstacles … and now We have another equally great mission. That is our use of this power. Pushing society to see the importance of Problem of violence against children And helping to end this problem Through a project called Google Ads Grants

What is Google Ads Grants?

Google Ad Grants is a Google project set up to help charitable organizations succeed in driving their mission. By sponsoring budgets for advertising on the Google Search Network to help participating website websites appear on the first page when Search people search for charities. Increase the opportunity to receive financial support, donations, and other forms of support in the future.

Why is it necessary to support foundations working on violence against children?

Information from the Reliance Center The Ministry of Public Health states that the number of children and women who are violent is likely to increase from an average of 55 per day in 2016 to 58 per day in 2017. The cause of the violence comes from both the family and outside the family.

The Foundation for the Protection of Children Rights Is one of the NGOs established to help And protection of children who have been violated Including abused, neglected, laborious, mentally abused or sexual abuse By the foundation Will provide legal assistance Social work And rehab Including a campaign for protection and prevention Which is currently lacking budget Including personnel who will help achieve the objectives

How does Hero Leeds support the Foundation?

As an online marketing service provider operating in Thailand We see the importance of being a part of society. And think that our expertise Is a power that can pass on good things in society. So apply for the Google Ads Grants program and choose the Foundation for the Protection of Children Is a charity that we will help

What we do is to allow our experts to plan and buy Search Ad ads with Lead Generation to make it easier for people to find the Foundation’s website. And encourage donations Or apply for more volunteer too

How does the power of online make a difference? 

Just the first month that we started the project (Aug – Sep 62), our Google Search ads helped increase the number of users to the Foundation website by 50%. People clicked the donate button. And register to apply as a child protector more than twice

Heroleads, google ad grants
Even though we are still at the beginning of the campaign But these numbers confirm that we believe that ordinary people can create “special” things for others.
You too,

just search for “Foundation for the Rights of the Child Protection Center” and click on the website to see what kind of assistance you can do. Is one part that helps these children have a better quality of life

And in the next step In addition to improving our advertising To increase more donations and support We will also use Social Media tools to raise awareness about this problem. And continue to create a livable society for all children

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